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Tri-City is the leading industrial market in Northern Poland. Rapidly developing economy and infrastructure alond with attractive maritime location attract attention of developers, eager to take advantage of the region’s industrial potential.

Podsumowanie regionu

Ostatnia aktualizacja: 21.02.2017r.
  • 392 500 m2
    Powierzchnia całkowita
  • 55 000 m2
    Powierzchnia dostępna
  • 32 000 m2
    Powierzchnia w budowie
  • 93 000 m2
    Zrealizowane transakcje m2

Największe transakcje

Klient Park Powierzchnia
Auto-Partner Gdańsk Distribution Centre Kowale 7 600 m2
Solid Logistics Prologis Park Gdańsk 5 300 m2
Solid Logistics Goodman Pomorskie Centrum Logistyczne 5 300 m2

Warehouse by the seaport at a premium

Industrial space in Tri-City is currently available in 7 modern warehouse parks. Convenient geographic location by Trans-European routes as well as access to booming Polish seaports allure logistics operators, for whom a warehouse in Tri-City is often the starting point in their distribution network.

The industrial space in Gdańsk or Gdynia is hugely attractive for retailers & FMCG companies, not only targeting Tri-City’s wealthy agglomeration, but the whole Polish coast.  What is more, manufacturers and companies from TSL sector seek warehouses, located in direct vicinity of seaports (the so-called portcentric warehouses).

Facilities such as Pomeranian Logistics Centre by Deepwater Container Terminal (DCT) in Gdańsk or new investment neighbouring Gdynia Seaport, represent a relatively fresh warehouse format on the Polish market, that ensure a range of improvements and cost-cutting solutions in regards to storage, consolidation or shipping of good imported and exported by the sea. The expansion of Polish seaports throughput is expected to increase further development of Tri-City industrial market and subsequently stimulate the demand for warehouse space in this region.

Tri-City seen as a logistics gateway to CEE

Tri-City’s strategic location has already turned the region into one of the most important Pan-European corridors routes intersections: : IA (Riga - Kaliningrad – Gdańsk) part of Corridor (Helsinki –Tallin – Riga – Kowno – Warszawa) and Corridor VI (Gdańsk – Katowice – Żylina), connecting Scandinavia with Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltics. Furthermore, the location at the border of the European Union is slowly transforming Tri-City into a gateway to Central and Eastern Europe, especially for goods shipped by sea.

Moreover, Tri-City has a very good developed road infrastructure. There is the Tri-city Beltway which is part of S6 express road that bypasses the cities of Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk. It runs north to south from Gdynia to Pruszcz Gdański and together with the Słupsk bypass, it forms a part of the S6 expressway which will eventually run from Szczecin to Gdańsk. It is also part of the European route E28. There is the south bypass of Gdańsk which is part of express route S7 and connects Tri-city Beltway with country road number 7. Additionally there is rout 89 linking Deepwater Container Terminal Gdansk with The Port of Gdansk (northern seaport) and bypass of Gdańsk. That route will be one of the last pieces of European routes E75 and E77 when the tunnel under the Dead Vistula (Martwa Wisła) will be built.

The experts from JLL Industrial Department foresee constant and dynamic development of this region and growing demand that will be generated mainly by companies that are cooperating with Tri-City seaports and are serving the local market. Development of seaports in Tri-City may attract more clients interested in renting warehouse space in this region.

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Aktualności - Trojmiasto

Auto-Partner w magazynie 7R Logistic


Firma Auto-Partner zajmie prawie 7,6 tys. m kw. powierzchni magazynowej i biurowej w magazynie budowanym przez 7R Logistic na terenie Parku Logistycznego Gdańsk – Kowale.

Ruszyła budowa Centrum Logistycznego Gdańsk-Kowale V


Zaczęła się budowa Centrum Logistycznego Gdańsk-Kowale V. Według planów 7R Logistic budynek ma być oddany do użytku w pierwszym kwartale 2017 roku.

Biała Podlaska do Pomorskiej Specjalnej Strefy Ekonomicznej


Trwa procedura włączenia terenów w Białej Podlaskiej do Pomorskiej Specjalnej Strefy Ekonomicznej. Zgodnie z podjętą przez radnych uchwałą do strefy włączonych zostanie 60 hektarów należących do miasta oraz 40 należących do Agencji Mienia Wojskowego.

Ruszyła budowa nowego magazynu 7R Logistic w Gdańsku


Ruszyła budowa magazynu Kowale V w 7R Logistic w Gdańsku. Powstanie około 32 tys. m kw. powierzchni magazynowej. Na początku 2017 roku planowany jest odbiór obiektu. Deweloper rozpoczął już komercjalizację.